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Other Safety Training Courses

SST training courses in NYC are a bundle of courses that are required for construction workers in 5 boroughs according to local law 196. Workers are required to complete a certain amount of training hours in order to receive an SST card, which will allow them to work in NYC.

Some SST training courses, like 2-hour drug and alcohol awareness course and 8-hour fall prevention course, are required for workers and supervisors. Other requirements include the 30 hour OSHA construction course.

Take a look at the courses below and choose which ones you need:

32 Hr Supervisor SST Package

Supervisor Site Safety Training Card rolled into one package.

10 Hour SST Worker Package

Required to receive your Supervisor Site Safety Training Card.

8 Hour Fall Prevention Courses

The leading cause of death in the construction industry is from falls

8 Hr Chapter 33 (Manager)

This course is use to renew your Site Safety Managers license

6 Hr SST Prescribed Package

Required courses to receive your Supervisor Site Safety Training Card.

4 Hr Supported Scaffold User

Provides basic explanation of supported scaffolds

4 Hour Electives SST Package

Two General and two Specialized Electives combined

2 Hr Drug, Alcohol Awareness

Training for workers on drug and alcohol dependence disorders

2 Hour Pre-Task Meetings

One of the most effective ways to ensure a safe job-site.

2 Hour Toolbox Talks 

held in order to review workplace hazards and safe work practice

2 Hour Site Safety Plan

Used to identify safety hazards associated with the project

1 Hour First Aid and CPR 

Construction sites pose various dangers to construction workers.

1 Hr Electrocution Prevention

Electrocution is injury or death by electric shock caused by exposure

1 Hr SST Excavations 

Excavations are the process of moving earth or other materials using tools.

1 Hr Ergonomics 

1 Hour Ergonomics Training is an important part of workplace safety.

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